As a partner of Gleg, ECQ offers Exploit Packs including Agora, D2 pack, DefPack, SCADA, ZDI (special early updates service).
ZDA - Zero Day Access subscription

ZDA (Zero Day Access) Subscription

0days researched in our lab first appear here! And 1-6 months later in our common Exploit Packages like SCADA+.

If you feel you need latest and instant access to 0Days - This Service is right for You.

The service is mostly focused on ICS/SCADA, but also Medical, Defense and general software is covered.

'ZDA' - Instant 0Day Access Features:

  • Additional content: Additional modules are available via that service!
  • Instant Access to latest 0days of ours with just one "get updates" click: No need to wait months to receive critical info
  • 0 Day for SCADA: 3-5 0Days during a month for ICS or SCADA software
  • NOT only SCADA vulns

BONUS: Zero Days from other packages are also covered by that service

DefPack - Defensive + IoT Software Exploits

DefPack - Defense Software Exploits Package

This is an attempt to provide pentesters with a most comprehensive collection (almost 100 exploits) of Defense software vulnerabilities illustrated in a one DefPack Exploits Package.

Antiviruses, IDS and IPS systems, Firewalls, Account Management systems, End-point protection software and more are targeted.

Defense Software is very special due to its wide usage and critical nature, so we think this pack is a "MUST HAVE" for security experts.

The pack contains mostly exploits for public vulnerabilities along with some 0days discovered by us.

The "DefPack" features:

  • Critical value: Ability to test your defense software and to measure real threat
  • Nicest public Defense software vulnerabilities coverage!: Including old and newly discovered bugs
  • 0 Days exploits: We conduct our own in depth research and provide you with tools and sploits, which could be helpful for Defense software pentesting.
  • Weak points analyses: Some systems suffer from weaknesses like hardcoded passwords and etc. We provide tools to test such cases.
Agora Pack - Mainstream Web Related Software

Agora Pack

The Agora Pack was released by GLEG research team in the beginning of 2008.The Pack is a successor of Argeniss ultimate 0day pack, which was developed since 2006 and acquired by GLEG in 2008.

More than 50 database modules contained in Argeniss pack were redesigned and included to Agora.

The Pack is continuesly enhanced and now contains more than 550 modules.

To keep exploit pack always actual, we provide monthly updates with 3-7 modules for most valuable fresh vulns.

Current updates are focused on Web related software and a value add: defense bypass + database modules.

The Agora Pack features:

  • Fresh & unpatched stuff each month - 3-7 modules
  • Modules for latest mainstream WEB related software
  • Value add: Modules to defeat the defense, hack the database etc.
  • New attack techniques
D2 Exploitation Pack

Gleg acquired "D2 exploitation pack" !

After 15 years, D2 Exploitation Pack is now supported by Gleg following its acquisition.

We are really happy to see our product still developed by this awesome company providing the best modules for Immunity CANVAS for many years.

Thank you again for your trust in D2 Exploitation Pack. --

DSquare Security, LLC

The D2 pack includes most relevant D2 Exploitation Pack content developed since 2014 along with pwnrouter tool, totally ~ 300 modules.

MedPack - Medical Exploits Pack

MedPack - Medical Software Exploits Package

0Day and public Medical software vulnerabilities in a one exploit Pack - more than 80 modules currently added.

Software widely used in Medical Care related field like Health Information Management Systems, Medical charts, Dental accountant software and etc. is covered.

Most of vulns are 0days discovered by us!

This Pack could be of interest for security specialists working in this particular field.

The "MedPack" features:

  • Growing value: Due to low real systems patch rank
  • We try to cover most of the public Medical vulns!: Including old and newly discovered bugs
  • 0 Days exploits for Medical software vulnerabilities: We conduct our own in depth research!
  • Weak points analyses: Some systems suffer from weaknesses like hardcoded passwords and etc.
SCADA+ Pack - Industrial Software


This is an attempt to collect ALL publicly available SCADA vulnerabilities in one exploit Pack.

SCADA and related vulnerabilities are very special due to their sensitive nature and possible huge impact involved to successful exploitation.

SCADA Systems are also "hard to patch", so even old vulnerabilities are actual.

The SCADA+ Pack features:

  • Growing value ~350 exploits currently: Due to low real systems patch rank exploits are actual for a longer time
  • We try to cover most of the public SCADA vulns!: Including old and newly discovered bugs
  • 0 Days for SCADA: We conduct our own in depth research
  • Focused on Industrial software & hardware environment: Not only SCADA, but also Industrial PCs, smart chips and industrial protocols are reviewed.
  • Weak points analyses: Many industrial things suffer from weaknesses like hardcoded password and etc.