Cryptography is a major security component that is responsible for ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authenticity in information security. As organizations increasingly rely on remote work and cloud services, the need of using cryptography to secure information distributed across the Internet, cloud, and among the users is more important than ever. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to design, implement, and use cryptographic algorithms and components correctly as can be seen with serious crypto-related vulnerabilities discovered by security researchers in the past decade.

Led by a renowned cryptanalyst expert that is responsible for the discovery of major vulnerabilities in SSL/TLS, ECQ team offers cryptography services covering attack, review, design, and implementation of cryptographic system.

The following provide the complete list of service offerings:

  • Assessment (Blind/Full knowledge)
  • Design & Architecture review
  • Implementation review
  • Protocol review
  • Product usage review
  • Training